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When the bible says, "do not eat the sacred raisin cookies"  what am I to do?

I am unaware of that statement but the cardinal rule of interpretation is to do it within the context and by comparison with other passages which relate to the same or similar teachings. There is a historical context and a chronology to scripture in which God declares that He deals with people differently in the old and new testament..,. law vs grace for instance. An entire host of health, diet and behavioral issues were in play in the OT that are disposed with under grace. Some so called commands were declared bythe Jewish leaders apart from revelation and God permitted them to err  "rules of divorcement which Jesus declared God hates but permits only for reason of unfaithfulness".

The bible is unique in the sense that it reports both the greatness and the foolishness of humanity... not all is degreed or ordered.. just permitted.

When the bible gives me two different orders in which God created life, which am I to believe?

It does not but only different views from different perspectives... I do not have my library at work but that argument has been disposed of many times over. Besides do you really think that people and God were so stupid as to make an egregious error in logic within the same small section? Really!

When Jesus said, "If you pray with a love of God in your heart, you can make mountains leap into the sea" does that make him a liar?  Or just make everyone one of the unfaithful?

Neither it makes you a game player. I suggest that is obviously metaphorical for two reasons. No miracle ever recorded in Jesus works was superficial or without purpose and certainly not destructive or for entertainment.

When Genesis 6 says "there were giants in the earth those days"  are they dinosaurs or are they Nephilum like Og?  If they were like Og, where are their bones?

Real giants like Goliath I suggest or like the Watusi whose average height averages almost 7 feet. If we start looking for bones in one local that were limited in number and remembering that they were driven out of the land to an unspecified location and that we have no record of their burial habits etc. that a pretty tall order.

Unlike the fossil record where there should be billions of transitional forms across the millions of extinct and extant species throughout the globe and where there might be 100 highly speculative such fossils available in toto.

When I am told, "do not say to your neighbor let me help you with the speck in your eye when you have a plank in your own" what if I see that plank and speck as sin, does that mean we aren't meant to evangelize?

Evangelize is to tell the Good News of Gods saving grace through Christs life, death, burial and resurrection and NOT to point out peoples faults because we all have them and we all sin. It actually relates to fellow believers and not to an unbeliever. Believers are not to be primarily critics and judges of each others behavior except in extreme and clearly harmful practices.

When I pray, I pray to the Christian God, I was raised Christian.  I can only percieve the nature of God as being that which I had learned in the scriptures.  But when I look at the glaring errors and contradictions in the Bible, I ask myself, does God write books?

I commend you to any number of authors who clearly expose the faulty reasoning of those who find glaring errors Henry Morris, Bruce Waltke and many other scholars. probably has books that answer your concerns. I have seen most of these so called glaring errors and the answer is...... NOT!

There is a growing amount of agreement among Biblical scholars that Genesis and Job are the two oldest books in the Bible, yet nobody would percieve that from its organization.

So what? The four Gospels are not in any particular chronological order, encyclopedias are ordered alphabetically and collectons of poems and short stories by subject matter. In my Bible Genesis is the first book actualyy; however, Job is the oldest book I believe. It is part of the knowlwdge books I suggest Psalms, Proverbs, Eclesiastes and Job perhaps.

EL or Elohim, means "gods" in Hebrew.  WTF?

Yes there is a triune God who is one ... a mystery but stated as such many times in scripture. I fail to see why that bothers anyone.. its actually a comfort.

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