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Quote (cichlid666 @ Aug. 12 2005,07:01)
I cant fathom that our president can believe this. " Astrophysicists such as stephen hawking determined that the evident starting point just before the Big Bang was something called "singularity" wich is: all the cosmos's potential mass (matter), energy, and dimentions (and time) reduced down to an infinately small point ZERO volume --- so , matter, 3-dimentional space , and time virtually did not exist before the Big bang."I am truly scared If people can accept this, wow!

I wish I could understand why so many people refuse to accept so much of science these days. When you break your leg and go the hospital what do you say when the doctor wants to xray you? "Ooooh no, doc, there's no way you can get a PICTURE just by pointing that thing at me! Next thing you know, you'll be sticking some needle in me to prevent the flu! But I know it's all just a conspiracy to make me think man comes from monkeys, and I won't have it! Call my pastor and have him prey for me instead!"

Yeah, so, it's not the point BEFORE the big bang that's the singularity. It's actually the smallest instant after the big bang (and before) where the laws of physics break down (unless you buy into string theory, in which case everything is peachy!;).

Also, you're not quite on target when you say the cosmos's mass (and energy) is ... zero volume. We know from Einstein's E=MC^2 that mass and energy are interchangable - we can convert mass to energy (i.e., atomic bombs). But interestingly, and even Einstein didn't realize the potential of this, energy can be converted to matter! This is what happened during the big bang. An unimaginable amount of energy (zero volume!;) exloded and began to forge sub-atomic particles, which eventually formed atoms ... etc, etc ... which eventually formed monkeys, which eventually formed man! (ha ha - couldn't resist).

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