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Quote (cichlid666 @ Aug. 12 2005,07:01)
I cant fathom that our president can believe this. " Astrophysicists such as stephen hawking determined that the evident starting point just before the Big Bang was something called "singularity" wich is: all the cosmos's potential mass (matter), energy, and dimentions (and time) reduced down to an infinately small point ZERO volume --- so , matter, 3-dimentional space , and time virtually did not exist before the Big bang."I am truly scared If people can accept this, wow!

Here's the thing though. The way that it's put it is plausible enough, citing Hawking makes it credible, and 95% of Americans barely understand the concept well enough to know that the best explanation in the field going right now is a big bang.

I'm not particularly scared of this, nor am I surprised at all.

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