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Quantum theory is probably the most tested theory in science's repertoire.  This is due to the fact that quantum mechanics typically applies to small things.  Small things fit in labs.  The measurements are also simple.  The spin of an electron in the z direction is either +1/2 or -1/2, for example.  That's easy enough to measure.  But, the math is complicated and rich.  Resulting in alot of interesting and non-intuitive things that are directly testable by scientists.  The non-intuitive nature of quantum also inspires scientists to try and stump the theory.  For a long time scientists were looking for any experimental evidence that could debunk quantum theory.   Simply for the reason that it didn't jive with their every day experiences.  But, alas, quantum has ALWAYS triumphed.  I would suggest that you find another, less tested theory to try and debunk.  And if you start with appealing to one's "common sense" you're destined for failure.

By the way, don't confuse Quantum with General Relativity.  They are completely different beasts.


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