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Quote ("Rev Dr" Lenny Flank @ Mar. 21 2005,17:58)
I found it amusing that the Board declared that they needed to review books by Dawkins, Hawking, Gould, Eldredge and such for, uh, "scientific accuracy" . . .

I think it would be trivial to show that they don't apply such considerations outside of of the donations if one has access to school libraries of Dover.  I strongly suspect that they probably have loads of books that would not even remotely pass such a standard.  I am not saying this because I think Dover is particularly bad, but because almost all libraries do have books that would not fit that standard.  Some really easy possiblities to think of would be books about UFOs, paranormal, etc.   But I suspect that other examples could be found beyond the obvious probablity of creationist books.

I wonder who they plan to have review the books for "scientific accuracy"?  The Thomas More Law Center?

We would just love that now.  Nice way to help the case.  I suspect those lawyers would know better.  If they don't know better or if the District acts without consulting them then I am sure they will find something.  Heck, I suspect most of the pro-mainstream science people reading this could find things: statements would were correct when written which are now out-of-date, statements addressed to lay people which don't have all the caveats expected in something written for Ph.D.s by Ph.D.s, and the occassional mistake which is likely found in book.  If they pull that kind of stunt, then it would be a simple matter of showing that virtually every science book in their library has similiar flaws (and probably has them at a much higher rate).  Of course if they judge using creationist "facts" then that can be used against them too.

One thing that, in the end, one must keep in mind is that libraries generally don't require some committee to declare any book included "accurate."  And I dare say that it is a pretty good thing since such power would be abused.  And it sort of defeats the purpose of a library in the first place.

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