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(Permalink) Posted: April 17 2005,13:27   

I sent the following to the newspaper "letters to the editor" and to the reporters Lenny suggested:

To the Editors:

I donated two books, "Why Intelligent Design Fails: A Scientific Critique of the New Creationism," and "Creationism's Trojan Horse" to the Dover High School Library, clearly labeled on the envelope as "Library Book Donations."

The package was delivered at 9:39 am on April 14, 2005 in DOVER, PA 17315.

The package was signed for by G. Brower.

I am particularly happy to have donated these books directly to the Dover High School library as I am one of the contributing authors of the first, an admirer of the second, and have closely followed the creationist threat to science education in Dover schools.

Dr. Gary S. Hurd
Dana Point, CA

"Science is the horse that pulls the cart of philosophy."


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