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"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 22 2005,19:40   

I was going through the archive of York Daily Record articles today, and found something VERY interesting that relates directly to how the board is treating the DebunkCreation book donation . . .

In the Dec 26, 2004 article, I found this passage:


But a month later, 50 copies of a “supplemental” textbook on intelligent design, “Of Pandas and People,” were donated to the  school district. The district will not release the names of the donors.

Because no district funds were used, the school board did not need to vote on the books. At the time, many thought the issue was settled.

Let me repeat that again: "Because no district funds were used, the school board did not need to vote on these books."

Hmmmm . . . . One wonders, then, why the board did NOT feel the need to vote on "Pandas" because it used no district funds, but DOES feel the need to vote on OUR books, which ALSO used no district funds . . . . .

I smell a rat. A very large one.

Methinks the board is ignoring its own rules, and making up
alternative rules as it goes along. That suspicion is reinforced by the fact that (1) the board has STILL not told anyone (not us, not the press, not former board members and board candidates) what written policies or procedures they are following in referring our books to the curriculum committee, and (2) current board candidates have confirmed to me that they are not aware of, and cannot find, any such written policy or procedure requiring a board vote on donated library books.

I think there is very likely something illegal about that. Perhaps enough to have board members removed from office. And THAT, my friends, is a scenario that I think is VERY much worth some investigating. I would VERY VERY much like to see these nutballs kicked out on their ass for violating their own rules and policies. . . .

Rumor has it that we have access to some lawyers here.
Can we get some unofficial legal clarification from someone
concerning this?   You could not *possibly* imagine how very very good it would make me feel to be able to sue the bastards over this if they reject any of our books . . .

Furthermore, I think the argument could be made that the board's motive in (illegally, I suspect) treating our books differently from the "Panda" books, was to (illegally, I suspect) advance religion at their school, by attempting to shield their religious ID "theory" from works that criticize it.

Gee, do ya think that might be enough of an argument to get the DebunkCreation group added as a plaintiff in the Dover lawsuit . . . . ?   Heck, at the very least, I think we should get to submit an amicus brief.   <big fat evil grin>

Editor, Red and Black Publishers

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