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"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 21 2005,17:58   

That being said, I was disturbed enough about what I did read to want to find out what books were actually being donated and what books had to be reviewed to make sure that they weren't from some "hate group." Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins. C'mon! These guys are regular cross-burners!


Not to mention the "terrorists" and "pornography" . . .

I found it amusing that the Board declared that they needed to review books by Dawkins, Hawking, Gould, Eldredge and such for, uh, "scientific accuracy" . . .

I wonder who they plan to have review the books for "scientific accuracy"?  The Thomas More Law Center?

No WONDER everyone thinks they are idiots.  <sigh>

As I've long said, fundies are their own worst enemy.  Keep 'em talking long enough, and they will metaphorically shoot themselves in the head, every time.  <shrug>

The more often these dolts talk to the press, the better it is for us.

Editor, Red and Black Publishers

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