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"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 20 2005,11:55   

The address for the Dover Library is:

Dover Senior High School Library
46 West Canal St
Dover PA  17315
(717) 292-3671

If you do send anything, let the press know about it.  You can reach the York Dispatch newsroom at:

and the York Daily Record newsroom at:

The more press coverage it gets, the more pressure is brought to bear on the school board.  We also want to force the Board Prez to keep talking to the press as much as possible --- I have found that if you keep the fundies talking long enough, sooner or later they will ALWAYS metaphorically shoot themselves in the head.  They are by far their own worst enemies.

I suggest you send it with "signature required"  -- the board initially denied to the press that they had ever received any donation from us.  If you send it UPS, you can request specifically that they require a signature upon delivery -- if you don't specifically request it, it's up to the driver's discretion whether or not to have anyone sign for it.

I should also perhaps point out that I do *not* recommend such donations as a general strategy in fighting IDers.  In this particular case, however, we have a very specific aim in mind --- we quite frankly expect the board to reject all such donations, and we'd **very much** like to see them forced to explain to the judge that (1) they are concerned only with "presenting all sides of a scientific controversy"  and (2) are not trying to advance any particular viewpoint, but (3) they don't want any material in their library that is critical of ID "theory".

It's not the sort of thing *I* would like to find myself trying to argue . . . .

Editor, Red and Black Publishers

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