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Perhaps not as complex and highly organized as living things, but it's only a matter of degree.
As you have said many times, the value of this analogy is only as good as its power to persuade, which is nil. If your entire argument rests on this analogy, we're done here.
It's all one big continuum from start to finish and its disingenuous to try to separate it into two questions, because it's not two questions, it's one and the same question.
What is the evidence that the events involved in abiogenesis are the same as those involved in the morphing of proto-humans into humans? I can imagine some parallels and some ways in which the processes would likely be very different. What's the evidence? That being said, if you think the question is just as well addressed from either the abiogenesis angle or the (relatively) recent biological history angle, I'm for the latter, as there you have some hope of having some actual data to discuss.

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