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So far, it seems to me that we cannot point to any system of equal complexity and organization and declare unequivocally that it emerged by accidental processes
Nor can we point to any system of equal complexity and organization and declare that it did NOT emerge by "accidental processes". So, once again, it's:

Evolution: 0
Intelligent design: 0

I'm beginning to suspect this might not be a useful way to make any progress on this question.
Is it possible for life as we know it to have emerged by a process that relies only on random occurrences or is some kind of intelligent input from the outside required?   As far as I'm concerned, that is the really important question.
Have we decided that microglia were a red herring and "cut to the chase" as it were? I might be interested in exploring the evolution of  particular systems. But on the origin of life, fascinating though it is, I'm OK with the high probability that no consensus is going to emerge in my lifetime. I find none of the arguments that "intelligent input" is somehow theoretically  required at all convincing. But until some dramatically new evidence is available, we can only guess. And,  frankly, I don't think your guess is as good as mine.

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