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I would really prefer to discuss the question that I started with, which referred to the evolutionary mechanism by which microglial cells might have evolved.

What's the point? If we delve into the literature and piece together a scenario for you, you will reply that it is insufficiently detailed and therefore, in your opinion, microglia are the products of intelligent design. Been there, done that.

Student: I would be interested in knowing what you mean when you use the term evolution. Do you simply mean "change over time" or do you mean "change in gene frequency as a result of natural selection" or do you mean "the accumulation of fortuitous mutations over time as a result of natural selection leading to new adaptations, structures and processes".
Professor: Next question.

Evolution is change over time. Things change because their genetic material changes. So evolution is a change in allele (not gene) frequency. This can happen by natural selection, or by other mechanisms such as genetic drift. Over time this will lead to new adaptations, structures and processes.


Student: OK, I'll move on. Perhaps you would care to describe some of this data that you refer to? Is it empirical data, in the form of observations or experiments and how does it support whatever it is that you call evolution?
Professor: <<sound of crickets chirping>>

It is empirical data in the form of observations. If that data does not satisfy you, Charlie, that's too bad. There's no pleasing some people.

1. By the by, what data *would* satisfy you?
2. Have you contacted the authors of that paper yet to ask if they think microglia are the result of intelligent design?

Andy Groves

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