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Russell wrote:

Just so I'm clear what we're discussing here: is there anything at all that the specialized situation of "microglia" - especially as discussed in the cited Science paper - brings to the table that the more general situation of "macrophages" doesn't?

There is a rich literature on the evolution of macrophages and response to signals of injury, inflammation, invasion...

  Yes. Microglial cells are much more complex and specific to their function. They both perform an immune function but in very different ways.
   There is a rich literature on macrophage functions but I was unable to uncover any papers on macrophage evolution. Do you know of any?

Isn't this a classic case of "begging the question"?

No, it's an argument by analogy, an important part of the scientific method and perfectly acceptable. In fact, most of science flows from inductive reasoning and analogy.
   I wouldn't be bringing up "begging the question" because it is one oif the most well known tactics of evolutionists:

Professor: Scientists say that evolution is true.
Student: How do they know this?
Professor: It's explained in any textbook on evolution.
Student: Well, who writes the textbooks?
Professor: The scientists.

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