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Russell wrote:

Evolution 0
Intelligent Design 0

I couldn't agree more. I would be happy if evolutionists would just drop their insistence on a darwinian mechanism and religious creationists would drop their insistence that the Bible is the answer and that these two ideological views would take a back seat to the one method that can inform us, the scientific method.

Is that the end of the discussion? Or should we adjust the rules a little to allow for discussion of the relative plausibilities of the two kinds of explanations? Or the number of assumptions that need to be incorporated?

It's not the end, it's the beginning. Science must move foward, unencumbered by ideological biases and obsolete paradigms. If we abandon the notion that everything we see can be explained in darwinian terms, then perhaps we will start seeing things with new eyes. I would be perfectly happy with a naturalistic explanation for life, but I will go where the road leads me.

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