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AndyG wrote:

What's the point? If we delve into the literature and piece together a scenario for you, you will reply that it is insufficiently detailed and therefore, in your opinion, microglia are the products of intelligent design. Been there, done that.

  This is nothing more than a huge cop-out. The best you could do is make up a story that might sound good, as has been done in other examples (blood clotting, bacterial flagellum, camera eye. etc.). If you say this to everyone who asks you then you never have to produce any evidence. Don't confuse just-so stories with actual empirical data. Just-so stories will continue to be rejected out of hand.

Perhaps one of the other 197 people that have viewed this thread would like to take a stab at it.

Over time this will lead to new adaptations, structures and processes.

No it won't. And you can't produce even one shred of evidence that it can. Natural selection can change the frequency of alleles in a population but it can only act on what is already present. Mutation therefore, must do all the work of creating new variation. And it's a totally random process. There is no empirical basis for believing that, even in combinatioin, these trivial effects can do what you think they can do.


It is empirical data in the form of observations.

Cite one piece, just one piece, of empirical data that links the changes in allele frequency that occurs under selection and the appearance of new structures, processes or adaptations.


By the by, what data *would* satisfy you?

Well your theory claims that random mutations and natural selection have (and had) the power to create new processes, new structures and new adaptations where they did not exist before. Not variations on already existing structures, but proof that these variations can accumulate and organize into new processes, new structures, new adaptations and new organisms. In other words, a nexus linking these effects to the evolution of structures and systems like the bacterial flagellum, the blood clotting system, the biochemstry of vision and the emergence of the mammalian ear with its highly organized structures and processes that are integrated in such a way that they support each other and are integrated into the brain and the cranium in such a way as to allow functional hearing.

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