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Quote (sir_toejam @ May 04 2005,23:38)
so with each new discovery, will you again proclaim:  goddidit! while providing no evidence....

While I agree -- and will probably repeat past arguments -- I don't think its fair to say there is "no evidence." They have evidence -- just misinterpreted evidence.

IDers do say that many features of our own machines have  some analog in animal bodies, rowing oars -- dolphin flippers, seeds with sails -- sailing ships, birds with wings -- airplanes. In the cell: there are computer-like languages and their decoding systems, memory banks of molecular  information storage and retrieval in DNA/RNA, control systems regulating robotic assembly of parts and components, error fail-safe and proof-reading, prefabrication and modular construction.... etc. etc..

There is a deep feeling of deja-vu here. We are seeing our own machines invented before we knew how to make them.

Human intelligence and evolution (or designer) do seem to be producing similar inventions. I think its fair to say these parallels point to something similar.

Where I part with IDers is in the assumption of what is similar.

I think -- more because I read William Calvin, not because I'm such an original thinker -- that this similarity happens because evolutionary algorithms are working in our own brains:
Cerebral Circuits for Creativity:  Bootstrapping Coherence using a Darwin Machine

But IDers assume intelligence itself is something outside the natural -- something supernatural -- and nothing natural can invent, produce information or whatever else they wish to share with God alone.

Now here's a question: If we one day do invent a fully "conscious" feeling, creative A.I. -- a robot that can fool us into thinking it's human -- would that falsify ID theory?

Does ID depend on intelligence being something supernatural? If  not, then there is not necessarily a fight between evolution and ID -- ID would simply be too overly broad and useless as it would encompass what it wishes to destroy.

If ID does need intelligence to be supernatural -- then would that mean ID is a falsifiable theory? We  falsify it be creating an  A.I. that's inventive and human like?

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