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I notice that you are prone to dodging the tough questions.  I asked you very specifically about the faulty logic I pointed out concerning irreducible complexity.  Instead you addressed the weak/pointless argument of who has been studying abiogenisis and for how long.

Please do not put words in my mouth.  I never called the people that are working on abiogenisis oddballs.  I merely stated that it is not the main thrust of biology, as there is plenty of other work to be done.  The "bookshelves" of papers concerning origin experiments pale in comparison to the libraries of papers concerning all else in biology.  I stand by the statement that few scientists are working on abiogenisis.  And when I say that I'm talking about percentages concerning overall biologists.

However, the time is ripe for new exciting developments in abiogenisis and other previously very difficult experiments in analytical chemistry and biology.  As computational speeds increase and new algorithms are developed the possibilities for breakthroughs concerning protien development, pharmacueticals, and, yes, even abiogenisis are increasing.  Many of my fellow graduate students in Chemistry and Biology are working on excitingly developing exactly these things.  I'm sure with your engineering degree you can understand the importance of numerical analysis of complex systems.

I had a good laugh at your implication that I've rewritten history.

Here is a link to a website that you can peruse and learn about the falsifiability of the theory of evolution. It also gives a great primer on how science works in general.
Common Descent

Please read it and feel free to point out any incorrect ideas, data, results, etc.  It's a great place to start looking for the correct answers to the misconceptions you are harboring.

Quote that occur with probabilities that are clearly indicative of impossibilities...

Unfortunately, just because you are convinced that things are impossible does not mean that it is so.  I would love to hear about specific things that you find impossible.  Perhaps I can point you in the correct direction to seek the solutions to the questions you have.


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