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There is a good analysis of myosin and how it works (nothing particularly mysterious, I might add) at: - Evolving Motors

Moreover, both myosin and kinesin are the subjects of on-going phylogenetic analyses:

Kinesin Tree

Motor Diversity - Phylogenetic Analysis - Myosin

Evopeach -- scientists can sometimes strike people as somewhat abrasive, perhaps more so when interacting with someone who is so ignorant that they believe that they are brilliant, and that their opinions should carry as much weight as someone who has had a great deal of education and experience in a field that they themselves barely know.  However, if the average citizen takes this to be some form of unmitigated arrogance, then I believe such citizens will deserve the world that they get for as long as it lasts.

-- Timothy Chase,
  novice in the realm of Molecular Biology

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