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Quote (Henry J @ July 12 2005,16:09)
... the gene pool of a species has at least two of the attributes we associate with intelligence (the abilities to experiment and to "remember" previous results).

But are those attributes enough? I don't think the DNA/RNA system with ribosomes and all is a system that has other  human attributes, like emotion, pre-visualizing, intension...

And as far as remembering -- doesn't evolution only remember it's successes and forget its dead failures leading it to repeat mistakes -- killer childhood diseases and children's cancer among them.

Humans and artificial neural nets can remember something of both success and failure.

So without a clear definition of "intelligence", regular evolution theory logically has as much claim to the label "I.D." as does the deliberately engineered model of life that the I.D. people are implying.

That's what we need -- a clear definition of "intelligence."

Any ID out there got one?

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