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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ May 03 2005,02:10)

Dr. Elsberry, I’ve been waiting for your response to my challenge of your statement. I’ve given you ample time to respond. Your silence is very telling. Is your silence an indication that you are satisfied with the responses of your cohorts?

Please read the article at the link that was given just prior to the words of mine that you quoted.

I don't read every thread here every day, and I don't make responses on other people's schedules. In the immortal words of the Hacker's Dictionary, responding to "challenges" such as given above falls cleanly into the category of "dogwash". That said, I think the other respondents here are doing just fine.

Thank you for your response. I know you are an important and busy man in the world of Darwinians. Now that you have endorsed the responses by your cohorts here, I will attempt to dissect it.

First, the artifact examples that I pointed to have no known designers which is one of the requirements for identifying design according to your essay. Yet, right off the bat PaulK has already pontificated that it was designed by human beings. You then agree with what he said by saying the “respondents here are doing just fine”. Do you contradict your own thesis so easily? Do you know for what purpose the Stonehenge has? Did you converse with the designers and interact with them to build a model? Are there a lot of experiences of human designs of Stonehenge? Yet there are many respectable scientists around the world who believes that Stonehenge was designed. I don’t think I heard you raise any objection to these scientists calling them Creationist, have you? So I ask you again what do you think is the thinking process of these scientists that come to the conclusion that Stonehenge was designed, without knowing and conversing with the designers? Ask yourself do you think Stonehenge was designed? Why?

Second, you got toejam dogmatically asserting that designs can only be compared with human endeavors. You also endorsed this logic by saying the “respondents here are doing just fine”. Is Darwinian thinking so woefully uncritical? I expected more from someone of your caliber. This kind of logic is inane. If we can only compare or infer design if it is human design then what is Darwinism claiming? That all biological life is not designed because it was not design by humans? How do you know this? According to toejam you have no way of knowing the diversity of life on earth is naturally occurring or of alien origin, because we can only recognize human designs. This is contrary to Darwinism, which proclaims beyond a doubt that biodiversity is a completely unguided natural process. Further, with the advances in science it may not be too distant in the future when we can bioengineer life. Will that be evidence that life is designed? Again by agreeing with toejam you’ve just contradicted Darwinism. Do you contradict your core belief so easily?

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