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Rather than start a new thread, I resurrected this one.

Professor C. STEVEN Murphree wrote a letter-to-the-editor published today in the "Daily News Journal" of Rutherford County, Tennessee. Titled "Theistic evolution' can be an alternative for believers," Dr. Steve Murphree (Belmont University) wrote,
This was once my position (ID, gh), one that I held until after I became a biology professor, and I do not fault Mr. Myers or others who came to hold it in much the same way that I did. I was at least as passionate though not as fearful about Darwinist control as Mr. Myers, and 10 years ago I signed the Discovery Institute's "Scientific Dissent from Darwinism," a choice that I now genuinely regret."

I rejoice to pull a signatory off the Discotute list, but even better would be if STEVE Murphree signed on to the NCSE "Steve" list. My fingers are not crossed because otherwise I obviously could not type.  :D

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