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(Permalink) Posted: June 23 2019,08:41   

Quote (carlsonjok @ June 22 2019,03:39)
I thought  I would drop back in briefly and let you know that DaveScot, former infant terrible of Uncommon Descent has re-entered public life.

He ran for mayor of his town

He won

He did DaveScot stuff


Strangely my Android Kindle viewer de-T'ed every word with a 'T' in it.

Despite that I am intrigued at why DaveTard would choose Salamanca New York over any place in Texas? Is there a Sheriff with more chainsaws? Does it have more turnip trucks? More mud brick fences, less Inuits and assbackwards  bulldykes with false moustaches?

Asking for a friend.

"I get a strong breeze from my monitor every time k.e. puts on his clown DaveTard suit" dogdidit
"ID is deader than Lenny Flanks granmaws dildo batteries" Erasmus
"I'm busy studying scientist level science papers" Galloping Gary Gaulin

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