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I've noticed that people often choose names that honor a family member, or someone the parents particularly admired. But of course those names had to come from somewhere, too. Since we don't buy the whole christian thing, we were uncomfortable picking an explicitly christian - or judeo-christian - name for our son. (That rules out quite a few, when you think about it: Christopher, Michael, John, James....)

We went with "Julian" - in honor of a few Julians, but especially the 4th century Roman emperor who set about reversing his uncle, Constantine's, establishment of christianity as the official religion of the empire. Unfortunately, that Julian died after just 2 or 3 years in office, and from then till quite recently (if even now), you couldn't rise to the leadership of any western nation without at least a nominal embrace of christianity.

One of the great "what ifs" of history: what if Julian had reigned as long as Constantine?

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