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Quote (Dredge @ June 09 2017,04:38)
In the encyclical, Humani Generis, Pope Pius XII stated that Catholics are "by no means" free to accept polygenism. Yet many Catholics today embrace polygenism - including Bishops and Cardinals.  Satan has thoroughly deceived them.

Theological monogenism is not incompatible with biological polygenism.  Biological polygenism asserts the existence of many primates with human DNA who are all ancestors to modern humans.  Theological monogenism asserts that at one time two, and only two, of those primates with human DNA had divinely created human souls.

You are creating an issue where there does not need to be one.  An unsouled primate may be biologically a member of Homo sapiens, but is not theologically human.

The ultimate truth is that there is no ultimate truth.

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