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Because evolution is not intellectually honest, is hostile to all other explanations, wastes time, talent and taxpayer resources on useless work driven by the atheists desire to prove God doesn't exist and has no possible useful outcome.

Creation and ID simply take the world as it is, assume it was designed, analyze it from that perspective not worrying about 15 billion years ago but rather about how to learn from the beauty and intricacy of the design, mimic it, fix it where broken and generally search out methods and techniques for using the knowledge to benefit mankind and the entire ecosystem.

Because creation and ID are srtaight forward and truthful in their claims and presentations and any reading of them affirms same.

There is a well respected, scholarly, multidisciplinary and quite accepted book of knowledge that supports my belief, the Bible. Though of course not a book of science per se I have no problem with its explanations of irigins though again they are not scientific.

ID id not creationism period and even Henry Morris says it plain and clear... they have no relationship in their repsective work.

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