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I've had experience with these guys who claim to show solid evidence of transitional fossils, common decent, macro evolution, abiogenesis and supposed answers to the myriad of extraordinary mathmatical calculations that have been done in great detail by more evos than by IDers or YEC.

1) I can read books like Duane Gish Phd in Microbiology two books in fact on all the so called transitional fossil record, macro evolution, etc. and also Mike Denton's book, same sort of background and an MD as well.

2) I can read Shapiro, Hoyle,Crick and all the others who having exhausted all possibility of explaining abiogenesis, which if it did not occur means evolution did not happen period in the sense you present it,  now ascribe to science fiction and cultic religious paradigms... that's desperation.

I have no more time to waste with this group of brainwashed true believers.

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