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Quote (evopeach @ Sep. 30 2005,13:48)

Omnipetence is just one characteristc among many as with human personality. God is also consistently logical in His actions and would have a plan of action which in this case was the creation sequence from ex nihilo to the 7th day. He pronounced it good as in mature and perfect (prior to corruption and fall) as to operation and completeness. Thus any limitations or boundaries are self imposed so that for instance He cannot act to conflict with any of his characteristics. He cannot make imperfect plans which of His own choosing are flawed as opposed to results of actions permitted under free will which clearly cause enourmous problems and difficulties.

Thus the creation is logically consistent as portrayed and certain design choices naturally have to be consistent and complimentary it is actually a system of minimum complexity, maximum efficiency and remarkable reliability compared to our own creative efforts.

If your chief car designer made one line to burn wood, another coal, another diesel, another gasoline and another plutonium; one with three wheels , another with four, etc. would he be you designer for long.

Wasn't it Einstein who sad the universe is as simple as it can be and not one ounce less complex than it has to be.

Omnipotence means no boundaries.  Design choices do NOT have to be consistent with an omnipotent god.  There need not be physical laws of the universe either.  It simply does not follow.

Also, your contention about a car designer is flawed as well.  An omnipotent god does not need to worry about such things.  Of course, your contention also means that if we find examples of bad design, then your contention is wrong, correct?

So, let's talk about bad design....
Giraffe necks
Human eyes
Human reproductive canal

Those examples should get you started.

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