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The briefs and transcript from the appeal to the Tennessee Supreme court. So shove it butthead.

Your stupid bat bird example is typical of the red herring strawman approach and is meaningless. Common design does not mean identical design or can't you differentiate between say a volkwagon and a mecedes. Probably think they both decended from a chariot by small incremental design changes.

Macro evolution has never been observed, never will be observed... sort of by definition since it takes a few million years to occur. Speciation as you define it by micromutation is accepted by everyone just attributed to accounts other than purely mutation and natural selection.

The number of transitional fossils is pitiful and arguable in every case where even Darwin said there should be billions to examine.. none. not.. never. That alone should have killed this fairy tale years ago.

And all this time I thought bats were mammals and birds weren't .. you know different in about two jillion ways.

Please tell me you people have someone who can play in the big leagues and not these sophmoric types.

In the meantime may I send you Duane Gish's book "Evolution the Fossils Still Say No"... which will cause you to go sleepless for a week or two as your world falls away to oblivion.

See lies can't live forever even with George Soros, Satan and the ACLU behind them.

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