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Midnight Cowboys

As usual your nonsensical, vacuous responses contain no chain of logic, no critical thinking elements just blather and invective.

I printed off your last half dozen posts and had the prof who  teaches Elements of Critical Thinking at our college read them in context.

He just chuckled and said you two people were just untrained and largely uninformed zealots and I was probably wasting my time trying to discuss things requiring considerable intellect.

I guess I should allow you the opportunity to prove him wrong, so do you have anything with intellectual content to say that supports your theory.

In passing, the article on the huge problem for common decent between chimps and people was taken directly from the various peer reviewed journal abstracts I subscribe to and only published in the last ten days.

Now if you care to address the prior post on common design elements in a logical fashion or better the helium to brain issue ... well its your chance boys .. prove my prof wrong.

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