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Michael Finley

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(Permalink) Posted: April 01 2005,10:32   

My take on that is that different forms wouldn't have to be "radically dissimilar" in order to be enough different to conflict with what one would expect from descent from common ancestry.

Agreed; though counterfactuals are not relevant to my question. I am assuming that the actual unity of life is an evidence for common descent, and asking whether it is not equally an evidence for common design. Or more generally, are the evidences for common descent and common design coextensive?

I also think the artist analogy is too loose to consider an inference from it to be reliable.

Perhaps it is, but it articulates an intuition everyone shares, viz., that the products of a person are more similar to each other than to the products of another. I think that intuition is correct, and am attempting to "tighten it up."

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