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Since the Herd mentality characterizes this group of true believers I'll just respond to the Herd.

Of course you can make up several just so stories about any and every aspect of evolution.. thats the entire theory beyond modest changes within kinds called microevolution.

People make up stories that could have happened all the time but in life their called fiction because although plausible they never happened.

People make up stories that at broad brush seem plausible but upon examination turn out to be "cold fusion" , thats abiogenesis for 100 years of fraud and failure.

People make up stories they want people to believe to sell books but upon close examination of the facts are nothing more than fairy tales.. thats general evolution.

See just so stories are just that until they are observed, tested experimentally, reviewed, repeated by independent groups successfully etc. then you have a believable theory.

Evolution beyond micro-evolution has never accomplished any of the above.

Thats not science thats conjecture and mythology.

And there are no wild statements about abiogenesis because it is a totally unproven concept.. can't even make a mathmatically believable hypothesis of it.

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