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American Saddlebred

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To answer your question, no.

This just in from the AP.  The Scopes trial is over, the monkey lost.  If that ancient quote was so "devastating" where was it in 1987?  I am sick of hearing the IDC people yapping on about how devastating all their stuff is going to be, yet there is never any devastation (except on the science education of those they influence.)

So, you stated that you believe in a one time supernatural causation for the origin of life on Earth (exactly as it is accounted for in the Bible.)  Let me ask you this, what is the definition of supernatural?  You want the supernatural in the science classroom and you're the even keeled one?

Take your blasphemy somewhere else evopreach, you are not the mouthpiece of God and calling us all kinds of names is certainly falling far short of making disciples of all nations.

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