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Origins does not necessarily refer to the origins of life.  It could very easily refer to the origins of species.

The Bible has been around for a long time, that is true, but as soon as you start taking your science from it, you should put it under the same scrutiny as other science.  You are more than willing to scrutinize evolution, but not the "science" you get from the Bible.  I ask again, why is that?

You also admit that Creationism/ID does not lead to any benefit to mankind, I'm glad we can agree on that.  But, let's examine that a little more, shall we?  If these scientists that believe in creation are helping manking, but not because of ID, then it's safe to say that they are doing it while separating their religious convictions from their work, correct?  But, you want to do the exact opposite when you get your science from the Bible.  That, once again, is not logically consistent.

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