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The bible has withstood 2000 years of criticism and scholarly examination and its still the most owned and read book in the world and followed by many, many millions of people as the central guide to their way of life.

Equating Darwin and Dawkins writing with scripture is laughable in terms of impact on human life and authority.

ID and Creation beliefs are not hostile to good science and many IDers and Creationists work effectively in many scientific discliplines that may very well result in drugs, etc. that benefit people. NOt because of ID necessarily but because origins and fossils and such contribute nothing to their work nor to most work in the fields of science in the context of science that actually benefits mankind directly.

Contrary to the rantings herein teaching the debate would have no practical adverse effect on beneficial science and certainly not on the progress of the students.

Maybe should be renamed talk.afterlifestarted since abiogenesis is not important or necessary to evos theories.

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