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Nice diatribe, very intellectual, added a lot to the discussion.. sure sign of a critical thinker.

Let's suppose that in the span of 10**-8 seconds that hydrogen nuclei were created before helium atoms or nuclei. How exactly does that change the argument that a universe composed 99% of helium, hydrogen and lithium waas the precise starting point for the natural, self-driven, random, chaotic processes that 14 billion years later resulted in the human brain and all the rest of life.

You see the bickering about 10**-8 seconds for a week is just a red herring to circumlocute the original issue.

If thats too tough just explain the steps up to the supposed first replicator in detail or maybe the last steps from non-life to the first replicator.

After that you can explain the origin of the avian lung unique in the animal kingdom and unrelated to any other species in its design.

Every time I read through Mike Denton's book and research one of the topics back through his references I break out laughing that educated people can actually believe in anything about evolution beyond the most modest sort of micro-evolution.

I forget at times how anal wireheads can be on trivialities and how militant evos are in defending the impossible.

When someone can explain the metamorphesus of the Monarch butterfly at the gene level,from random mutations, since thats where everything starts and ends, I will really appreciate that.

But we do agree on one thing I don't understand why you whiney babies and empty suits keep coming back for for butt kicking by yours truly.

Keep your kool-aid handy.

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