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Look at this site.

Also, you have been completely unable to counter my argument about my trip from NY to LA.  Until you can do that, quit crying about how unfair it is that evolution is separate from abiogenesis.

Now, to have to show you your own quotes is just plain silly, but here goes:
I see no need to debate these various problematical and sometimes fuzzy sub-topics when one can easily illustrate the falsification of the theory and its complete separation from logic, common sense and scientific credibility by simply observing that its proponents to be logically consistent must accept and defend the proposition that helium gas over billions of years transformed itself through trillions of chaotic and random unguided, undirected and non-purposeful changes, iteration upon iteration, resulting in the human brain, its network of neurons, synapses, nerves and its capabilities of conscious cognitive thought, memory and self awareness.

That was from your original post that started this thread.  You clearly state that we had to defend how helium gas transformed itself over billions of years into the human brain.

Now, on to your goal-posted moved challenge:
How exactly does that change the argument that a universe composed 99% of helium, hydrogen and lithium waas the precise starting point for the natural, self-driven, random, chaotic processes that 14 billion years later resulted in the human brain and all the rest of life.

Note that now you are talking about Hydrogen, Helium, and Lithium.  Now you are expressly allowing the inclusion of elements other than Helium.  That is moving the goal posts.  You are guilty.  The fact that you say you have not done it once again makes you a liar.  The fact that you are accussing me of intellectual dishonesty for pointing out your lies is just pathetic.

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