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Paul Flocken

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(Permalink) Posted: May 28 2006,11:09   

Quote (stevestory @ May 28 2006,15:07)
sometimes the After the Bar Closes page mentions a new post, but upon clicking the thread, you don't get the new post. I've had the delay last as long as 15 minutes. Anybody else get this or know what's going on? Manually refreshing doesn't fix it.

update: a little more data on the problem. I was seeing    
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, and seeing 29 pages, and after 30 minutes, when it finally showed me the new comments, they were on a new page, page 30. So apparently page 30 existed for a while, but didn't immediately show up either on the front board or when you hit ">".

I'll corroborate this.  Yesterday I had two duplicate posts because of this bug.  It turned out the first post was at the top of the next page and Steve's query here shows me there really was some problem.

Steve after several minutes of closing windows, resetting cookies, and logging in/out, I eventually restarted my computer and that seemed to let me into the next page.  Although by that point other posters had dropped comments and I don't know that it wasn't those that kicked the system into letting me onto the next page rather than my restart.

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