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Wow thanks Wes. I didn't expect you to implement it. I thought you'd say it would be far too slow because it has to loop once for each quote tag. One way to make it faster would be to do this only when text was being input by the user  and turn matched "quote"s to matched IQUOT../IQUOT (or similar) and save that in the DB. Then when viewing you could process the start and end tags separately with simpler regexps (Simple string replacement for end tag) in one pass because you know they already match up. Of course you then have to handle internal tags entered directly by the user. And you'd have to turn IQUOT back to QUOTE for editing. Etc. etc. etc.

Re. the other topic: I'd like to see the page number which contains the first post entered after my last page view (not made in the current session) so that I could go directly to where I left off last time. Alas, I fear that may be impossible  :)

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