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Stephen Elliott

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Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ Mar. 28 2019,19:03)
Quote (Stephen Elliott @ Mar. 28 2019,18:40)
Quote (stevestory @ Mar. 21 2019,19:38)
Trump Assembles A Confederacy of Dummies to Stymie Climate Change

Do you dislike president Trump?

Trump is a compulsive liar, racial bigot, misogynist, criminal tax evader, harmed the country immeasurably by disregarding security protocols and spuriously issuing TS clearances to his family, scientific illiterate who gutted climate and environmental protections and research, wants to cut social security and health care for the poor, and who gave himself and his rich GOP donors a huge tax break which will balloon the Federal deficit to over $1 trillion.

What's not to dislike?

What has he lied about? I have certainly heard him use hyperbole but cannot think of a flat-out lie.

How is he a racial bigot? Looking at photographs of his workforce from way before he went into politics, they certainly look like a diverse bunch. Forcing/suing clubs to remove bans on Jewish and black members would be kinda strange for a racist to do.

Employing women in high level management seems an unlikely thing for a misogynist to do.

I am unaware of him doing anything illegal wrt his taxes. The only thing I can recall about his taxes was when the loony Rachel Madow pulled that hilariously backfiring stunt on her tv show.

Security, I know nothing about him doing dodgy stuff there. I do think though that if there was even a shred of evidence, we would have all heard about it. Pretty much every media outlet seems desperate to trumpet bad publicity regarding Trump.

He probably is scientifically illiterate by your standards, but what % of society is not?

Don't know about his cutting welfare, I have not seen that story.

Not sure about what he wants to do regarding healthcare, could you give a link please?

Can't tax reductions be a good thing? Is it not possible that a company making higher profits might employ more people? Or pay higher wages?

As an outsider looking in, America seems to be booming with Trump as president.

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