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Quote (Acartia_Bogart @ Mar. 18 2019,16:25)
Quote (Alan Fox @ Mar. 18 2019,15:34)
The Rance tidal power station has recouped its development and building costs and is cheaper to run than nuclear. But how many other suitable sites are there?

The Bay of Fundy is the obvious location. 53 foot tidal amplitude at the top of the bay. Largest in the world.

Well, once those sciency types determine when its wavelength equals its frequency, then unlimited free energy, folks!

But really, the efficiencies are, to my understanding, still lagging way behind the best we currently have, combined gas-coal plants. These can reach efficiencies of well over 60%, or so I understand, and I know of nothing else on the market that can come through anywhere near as well at the present time. Am I mistaken?

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