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Quote (Stephen Elliott @ Mar. 18 2019,16:13)
Quote (Alan Fox @ Mar. 18 2019,03:42)
Quote (Stephen Elliott @ Mar. 16 2019,11:09)
Quote (Alan Fox @ Mar. 16 2019,15:59)
Hi Stephen! Long time no see.

Hey Alan, been awhile. Guess I drifted away once I'D became irrelevant and traffic here slowed down.

Good to see you are still here

I've become a bit irrelevant too but I know what you mean! :) It amazes me folks still talk about ID as if it hadn't followed in the footsteps of the Norwegian Blue.

Regarding climate change, I suspect we're too late and too in the thrall of vested interests to reverse the trend. Hope I'm wrong.

There's plenty of energy, just better ways of extracting and storing it are needed. Wave energy is fine in principle but problematic because of the extreme environment for the equipment, especially in the North Atlantic in winter. There's a lot of work needed if it could ever become mainstream.

I see UK are bringing in legislation to ensure heat pumps replace gas and oil as an energy source for home heating. Switching back to lime from portland cement as a construction material could help too.

Reckon ID was always irrelevant, seemed like a threat back in the day.

Wave power may be usefull, tidal power would be my bet. Tidal is far more predictable/reliable as it is mostly astronomical driven rather than weather.

I would definitely like to see science funded better, both "blue-sky" and "research/target driven".

My 2c.

ID was a threat. The Fundamentalist kooks who funded the Disco Tute paid millions to bankroll this scam. If the Creationists had been slick and sophisticated and also found a dumb and blind partisan nut of a judge --which DaveTard thought they had-- they could have won at least one court case and thrown the issue into confusion. Unfortunately for them, they had to be complete idiots at every step of the way, including taking their creationist textbook and global search-and-replacing "creationism" with "intelligent design", the board members publicly saying they were doing this to stand up for Jesus, etc.

but yeah, once Dembski saw the writing on the wall and bailed on testifying, and Behe humiliated himself on the stand, and a republican judge spent a hundred and twenty plus pages chewing them out for being obvious liars and scam artists, ID was BSOD.

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