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Quote (Lethean @ April 10 2018,10:48)
Truly, Robert is by far my favorite creationist.

He's mentally defective, but not in the hateful way so many of those dimwits are.

I don't have any links to hand, but he's a full-on racist.

You're right, I forgot about that. I amend my comment to something like, "He's not blatantly, ostentatiously hateful."

Yeah, I had pretty much forgotten those comments too. It's easy to do, what with his happy go lucky presentation in the face of getting slammed pretty hard with the criticism. Even when he's been outright teased the guy doesn't seem capable of delivering an once of anger.

So he reminds me of a puppy. Little to no bark, tail mostly on wag, occasionally soiling the carpet but difficult to be mad at him 'cause he's a puppy.

"So I'm a pretty unusual guy and it's not stupidity that has gotten me where I am. It's brilliance."

"My brain is one of the very few independent thinking brains that you've ever met. And that's a thing of wonder to you and since you don't understand it you criticize it."

~Dave Hawkins~

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