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The previous quote was browsing followup to Robert's post on the Sandwalk DK thread. This was fresh on my mind having recently seen it in the original and then Wells quote over in the UD thread ....

Quote (N.Wells @ Mar. 23 2018,18:00)
My apologies if I missed a mention of this, but there is an absolutely precious bit of prose over at Larry Moran's Sandwalk, at :

Larry posted an essay on the Dunning-Kruger effect, and the infamous Robert Byers immediately pontificated:

I agree with this whole concept. i think about it in origin issues and other issues of mankind.
Yet i don't think its complicated.


Less intelligent people are more sure complicated things are easy to understand and less able to see errors and errors in their own thinking.

One could stop right there and have sufficient cause to smile for a week.

But he continues in a second post:

I know enough and quite a lot about the main points of evoltionary biology. i learn things , great and small, like learning from this blog about random drift being a prioriity/or important in evolution as opposed to histircial conclusions on natural selection alone working on mutations. That would not be in the public domaine and so i know more then the average educated public.
I also know YEC/ID ideass which brings in more awareness of evolutionary ideas.

I deny I lecture experts. Nobody wants that tag.
Whats an expert? where is the experts?
a expert is just someone with knowledge in their subject and a complete knowledge.
anyone can master the conclusions from experts as they write them down.
so anyone can think about them and take them on.
i address only certain conclusions and yES am intellectually confident .
No excuse for thinking i know my tuff and can correct error.
Your thread was about people in thev weong more likely to be slow to correct their error or recognize it.
one could also be in the right and more likely know they are in the right after dealing with contentions for a long time.
its a curve on intelligence.
Its more then knowing the subject.

I couldn't write a better parody if I tried.

Truly, Robert is by far my favorite creationist.

"So I'm a pretty unusual guy and it's not stupidity that has gotten me where I am. It's brilliance."

"My brain is one of the very few independent thinking brains that you've ever met. And that's a thing of wonder to you and since you don't understand it you criticize it."

~Dave Hawkins~

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