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It seems that Robert, having conquered biology without breaking much of a sweat, has taken on physics. Apparently Einstein's work actually supports RECENT CREATION and none of that evolving crap.

RECENT CREATION might indeed be a better term then young earth. it might be a new term to rally around and be defined by.
People complained about the YEC moniker.
i have recently been reading, for the third time and still only understanding a third/to a half of it, Einsteins book on physics.
i found in it plenty of opportunity to correct ideas to the advantage of YEC.
the light distance issues and generally how things can be squeezed down into simple equations.
This works for a creation week concept and not a evolving physics universe.
In fact the whole physics things suggests, by probability, that biology also has more basic equations to its origins and relationships. nOt evolving but instead hard and fast laws at a certain stage. Then the seeming as if having a mind of its own.

By the way and by now. It should be a understood equation that yEC teaches the bible is true and so other options are not. Not reality but rather humans incompetent investigation into reality.
Science is the friend of truth and ruth is YEC friend. SO science is UEC friend. WE don't disagree with our friend but with others innaccurate portrayal of our friends conclusions.
Thats no April's fool trick either!

This is not a April fool story

(It's still difficult to visit PT. With the new format and loss of all the old discussion it's like someone shot a friend.)

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