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This thread is for links, refs, etc. on transitional fossils.

The big momma of 'net resources is:

Kathleen Hunt's Transitional Vertebrate Fossils MegaFAQ

...however, it was mostly written in 1995 or so, and an awful lot has been discovered since then.  But with Hunt's FAQ can as a starting point, I suggest we use this thread to "enhance" the material there with:

1) Online pictures we discover

2) Refs and pics of new discoveries (let's see, since 1995 there've been more transitionals discovered for whales, manatees, birds, ...and of course humans).

3) Online discussions of the topic

4) Review articles etc.

...all with the primary focus of rebutting the "there ain't no transitional fossils" claim.

Here is my favorite:

AMNH page on a feathered dromeosaur

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