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Quote (JxD @ Jan. 06 2003,21:43)
What members of the DI post at ARN?
 I am positive Paul Nelson has been there from the start.  You can probably guess his pseudonym, though lately his contributions have also tapered off.  With less certainty, I believe Jay Richards and Michael Behe may also have posted.

As for ISCID fellows, I have seen posts from Walter Remine, Langans, and Ronald Hirsch.

Just out of curiosity, do you know this for a fact (Behe, Richards, and Nelson specifically) or is this at least partially a matter of speculation on your part?  If you do know for a fact, do you mind sharing how you came about this knowledge?  (I'm aware that Dembski, ReMine, Langan, and Hirsch have all used their real names there.)


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