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Ever hear of the Bacterial Flagellum? Upon electron microscope examination, it looks very much like a machine!  

In fact, it bears a strong resemblance to an outboard motor, you know, the kind you see on the back of those small aluminum-fishing boats.

Any way, the Bacterial Flagellum is what scientists call an “irreducible complex system”. An irreducible complex system is made in such a way that if you take away any one part of the system, the system ceases to function.  A good example of this is the common mousetrap.  Take away any one part, and it ceases to function.  In the case of irreducibly complex organisms, taking away any one part causes it to die.

Question #6   The theory of evolution says that less complex organisms evolved into more complex life forms.  How could the Bacterial Flagellum have evolved from a lower life form? What is its' transitional fossil?

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