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[quote=The Ghost of Paley,Oct. 23 2005,15:44][/quote]
 Yes, and the evos are doing their best to make sure that little indiscretion never happens again. See the journal's statement.

Did you actually read the article?  
"Meyer's paper was not published in accordance with the journal's established review procedure."
And you might look at the AAAS article it links to as well.

 Besides, I think the Behe-Snoke paper also qualifies as an I.D. paper.

So the number of peer reviewed papers has suddenly doubled. I still don't think they'll bring the scientific theory of evolution crashing down, somehow.

 What are our schools producing nowadays? Hint: look near the front.

I don't know what American schools are producing these days, but I'm not optimistic if they're still fighting over the validity of evolution. Please enlighten me.

 Well, there's My Struggle by some German fellow. What was his name?

By Christ, I really hope that you're not suggesting that a terrible perversion of the theory of evolution by an evil lunatic to justify the extermination of an entire people is what the theory of evolution is actually about.
You think that the scientific establishment would like to be connected to the Nazis?

Also, does Godwin's Law come into play at this point?

This must explain the utter bliss and peace that reigned during the secular 20th century.

The 20th century wasn't exactly 'secular'. It's only in the last 30 years that religion has declined, at least here in Europe.
And can I point out that we're now in a new religious war, with Osama Bin Laden/Al Qaeda thinking that God wants them to destroy Western civilisation, and George Bush thinking that God wants him to invade Iraq.

Fundamentalism in a nutshell:
"There are a lot of things I have concluded to be wrong, without studying them in-depth. Evolution is one of them. The fact that I don't know that much about it does not bother me in the least."

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