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Back in the Ben Stein movie days I let the NCSE know that they needed to change tactics, not be polar opposite to the other political extreme, but nothing changed. I do not want to see them lose all their credibility, but they're only helping make it so that they are no better than the worse in this forum. It's like the two enable each other. Where the NCSE long ago fixed their Expelled Exposed (making it more convincing as well) then went from there, what goes on in this forum would not now be accepted behavior. It would have then been easy for me to find help maybe from one of the many local colleges, where they end up in the science news for novel cell models, instead of their having to worry about their careers by getting involved in something good like that.

Why not get a job and then actually go to one of those colleges and LEARN SOMETHING?  Then, maybe you'll realize how wrong you are about the politicization (and polarization) of the NCSE, and how thier scientific 'snobbery' is necessary to screen out the nonsense of the cranks and crackpots that you support.  Until then, please stop blaming us for your own misfortune - it's been based on YOUR OWN DECISIONS AND ACTIONS, not ours.

Of course, continuing your usual idiot ravings in here will still result in scoffing and outright laughter on our part.  We've already told you (many times) how to solve your problems.  Not listening isn't our fault.  

Whatta hoot!

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