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Quote (GaryGaulin @ June 30 2013,02:53)

Yes, that was also one of my first thoughts. The US Constitution already forbids establishment of religion in the public school classrooms. There is no legal need for such a law. Where closely examined the political effort is primarily against "Intelligent Design" which is based on a controversial "Theory of Intelligent Design" that is still in writing.

So, you not only fail to understand the clear meaning of the first amendment [Note well that it does not mention schools, yet that's your focus], you completely and totally fail to grasp the lessons of history.  State sponsored religions tend to lead to monstrous societies -- societies where you would not be welcome, nor would you merely be mocked for your incoherence, arrogance, and rock-solid stupidity.

As with all your ilk (Dembski, Behe, Torquemada), you believe that your personal confidence in your religious belief suffices to warrant its infliction on the people by mandate of law.
What a tragedy for you that this is a free and pluralistic society.  
The first amendment is entirely necessary for the freedom of all.  Or would you prefer to admit the possibility of Sharia law, or the law of the Australian Aborigines, or the law of England or France or Vatican City?
We are better off when religion is walled off from law, which is precisely what the first amendment attempts.

Now if you had any actual science, you could move forward unimpeded by the first amendment.
But despite your delusions, you have no science, nor anything resembling science.  What  you have is the drooling bafflegab of a brain-damaged poseur, which is hardly compelling to anyone.
Can you name a single person, outside your own family group, who believes you have developed a scientific theory?
Can you identify where your science is accepted and used?

Of course not.
And this is not due to any conspiracy nor any efforts on the part of "science stoppers" -- if you have no science, the 'science stoppers' don't even enter the picture.

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